Friday, January 12, 2007


The girls are growing. I'm getting smart at this Mom gig and scheduled their well baby checks together this month. Carmina had her 6 month check up and Magdalena had her 3 year checkup. THREE!

I can't believe it. This can't be the squawking baby that had so much trouble nursing a little over three years ago. If I had known that she would still be nursing three years later, I wouldn't believe it. So she did a lot of growing this year. She weighs 30 pounds even and is 36.5" tall. She grew 5.5" in one year. Really she grew that much in the last four or five months. Amazing. She's so verbal and funny. She's smart and is Mommy's little helper. She has so much compassion and loves dancing and singing and being silly. For as many challenging days that go by where I think that I really suck at this Mom gig, I must be doing something right because she is absolutely wonderful.

Carmina is a petite 14 pounds and 27" long. She's your typical six month old. She's trying with all her might to crawl and she can roll from back to tummy but chooses not to a lot of times in favor of screaming until her sister brings her what she wants. She's trying to cut her two front bottom teeth. She's babbling a lot now and Erich swears she says "dadadadada" heh. She's a lot of fun. Oh, and surprising to us, her eyes are still blue! They have bits of brown and green in the middle and they look *so* much like my Daddy's.


Manda said...

Took me a second to realize I hadn't mistyped your blog URL! Love the new look. Been a long time coming!

Happy milestones to the girls. Sounds like they are doing really well.

rachel said...

so glad they are doing well! Your girls are so precious and adorable.

love the new look of your site! so clean looking