Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Looks

So I switched over to the *new* blogger. I'm trying to be better at updating this blog and also my craft blog as that is what occupies a lot of my free time. I'll probably get rid of the blogroll in favor of some google feed program that Erich pointed me towards. I use bloglines but some of my blogs don't work with it. So I'll be getting rid of the clutter of the blogroll as soon as I get some time online. Is everything else okay? Or do you think I should get rid of the flickr badge also?


Manda said...

Can you move your flickr badge under your About Me section? It's nice having the flickr option, it just seems a bit displaced.

I know I already said it, but I am loving the updated look. Definately a nice change for Oh-seven.

Shana said...

The new and improved blog looks lovely!

If you're tired of your current flickr badge you could always generate a different one over at fd's flickr toys.