Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I really don't feel like blogging but I will. Well, the saturn died on Friday. :( Luckily my local Saturn dealer was able to do CPR for the bargain price of $450. But hey I figure that's about $36 dollars a month to drive plus gas which is a small price in the Saturn. So the majority of my day/evening was spent there. Saturday we hung out around the house and just did things that needed to be done. For the love of God I can't remember what we did, though I do know that Ella got a bath. We babysat in the evening and ate dinner at Applebee's which is the last time we shall dine there. The food generally sucks but I had a craving for an Applebees steak. Erich couldn't really find anything he wanted to eat on the menu, and that is saying a lot since this boy will eat just about anything and everything. So no more Applebee's though I'm sure it won't be missed.

Sunday we had lunch with my grandparents at the Jim Dandy, where it's sure to be a dandy time. I couldn't find a link. It's kinda local to Indiana I believe. After we finished there we went home and E worked in his wood shop and Ella and I took a long nap. We loved it. :) The rain made it perfect too. We ended up babysitting on Sunday evening too.

Monday we went to my moms house and putzed around there. Then came home and did nothing (do you see a pattern here?) I did grab the doggie clippers and chopped all of the hair off Gracy. I'll have to post a picture tonight.

Tonight I'm going to my cousin (who's preggo with triplets) house to fix her dinner and entertain her vaudeville style. She doesn't know I'm coming yet, but I'm guessing that since she is on complete bed rest (and her hubby works second shift) that she will be there. She better be, or I'll kick her butt.

Okay going to do more nothing around here. T minus 6 days until the ultrasound! whoopeee!

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