Thursday, September 04, 2003

Can you read it now?

It appears that I have fixed it. Though the "posted by" section is entirely to big of a font for my likes and I tried changing that but was unsuccessful but beggars can't be choosers right?

Lots to blog about really. Erich and I FINALLY figured out a middle name for a girl. Woot! :) SO glad to have that figured out. I did a TON around the house like dishes, 7 loads of laundry, made 2 pillows, picked up, changed the sheets, took all the laundry downstairs, organized my business office, did some business work. I feel productive. :)

Changing the subject, but...Why is it that people do not know what to do at 4 way stops? That aggravates me to no end. And I hate idling at a 4 way stop where the five stupid people can not figure out what to do while I sit in my car on EMPTY wondering if we are going to make it to a gas station. Argh. That drives me insane!

The local festival is rolling into town. It starts tonight. They have been making craziness by shutting off the side roads directly off the main highway (the only highway mind you) in town. My little town of 5,000 puts on this festival and everyone always looks forward to it (including me) though you really just go eat, look at booths, and maybe ride a carnival ride. Sucky part is I'm just about 19 weeks pregnant so no rides for me. And I saw this morning that they brought the tilt-a-whirl, my favorite carnival ride of all time. Really I only like that and the scrambler. I don't care for rides that go off of the ground. I LOVE to fly though.

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