Tuesday, December 30, 2003


I'm here. Had a doctors appt. yesterday. We did group strep B and a NST. The NST was to see how she is doing in there since she hasn't been moving as much, and I had that spotting. She is fine. The little booger started jumping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean soon after we left the office. Since I've been having all of those nasty contractions, she did do an internal check. The "door" is closed, but I'm very soft and very thin. She said her head is RIGHT there so whatever we are "doing" is working. I think we'll need to "do" some more! heh. **blush** She did schedule another u/s for Jan 19. I asked if I needed to schedule an appt for the following Monday and she told me no. :) That kinda makes me happy.

I did mop floors yesterday, did the dishes, and started washing baby clothes. Erich is going to interview for a new job tomorrow so I need to write and tell you all about that. I should also tell about how Operation Clean Out the Kitchen is still on going, mainly because we are frantic to pay off some bills, and keep neglecting the whole "we must eat" situation. I am going to the store tonight though for a few things. A local grocery has milk 3 gallons for $5, so Erich bought some last night. In the last week, the two of us went through 4 gallons! Simply amazing. I really don't care for milk, but bambino must because I've been drinking it like crazy! I know there is probably more but I'm on my lunch break and really need to get back to work. More later.

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