Friday, January 02, 2004

Summing It All Up

I'm finished washing baby clothes. Yay. Tomorrow I'm going to work on getting everything in drawers and then on a bag for the hospital. I'm not sure if Erich is still going for the job interview, but I think we mutually agree that this is not "the job" for him for a plethera of reasons and it just wouldn't be good for our family right now. Such a sensible boy. Love him SO much. I bought some groceries but the kitchen still feels barren. I think it is just me though. I am working on laundry today and I washed the dishes. I'm tired and exhausted and all of that jazz. Gracy, the older dog, decided that at 4am she needed to go to the batheroom. Damn dog. I couldn't get back to sleep after that until about 6am. Our new insurance which started yesterday throughly rocks my world. It is AWESOME!

I'll try and be good about updating, but I am going to work the next two weeks five days a week. I HAVE TO WORK and I know it's going to kill me, but I think that's it. If I can get one last great check, I'll feel better. Tons better. My head is raging so I'll leave you with that. Not much going on this weekend. We are touring the birthing center on Sunday (mental note: MUST NOT FORGET THIS TIME!) so I'll let you know how that goes. And I'll let you know how my cleaning goes tomorrow. I have a bunch of old flannel pj's from my mom that I'm going to cut into squares and hem the edges for baby wipes and she brought me material to make curtains so I hope to do that tomorrow too. We'll see how ambitious I feel in the morning.

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