Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Ebay commericals....

drive me nuts. They always get the stupid song stuck in my head.

I haven't been avoiding you. Just sincerely busy. I do spend a ton of time nursing, and it seems as soon as I lay her down and start something (a project, a meal) she wants me again. It is sometimes annoying, but she doesn't scream bloody murder so I can handle it. She is the sweetest baby ever I'm just starting to feel tons better and have motivation. I am really tired now though, and I think that could partly be because of the surgery. I should start taking naps with her in the afternoons again. Just think, when the next one comes, I won't be able to enjoy the extended napping because I'll have a toddler to deal with! How sad.

I'm also feeling a bit off lately. Not depressed. Weird. Like something isn't quite right. Everyone keeps asking if I'm pregnant. I think if I were I'd crawl in a hole. Erich says it would be "a blessing in disguise." Postpartum checkup on Thursday. Anyways, I should get going. I'm working on the birth story. Slowly. Happy Fat Tuesday!

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