Thursday, February 26, 2004


I had my postpartum checkup today. Details to follow tomorrow. Magdalena slept last night from about 11pm to 4:45am. At first I thought it was 1:45 and thought to myself , WHY? But then I realized it was 4:45 and I fell in love with her all over. And it's a good thing she woke up because my boobs were about to explode! I did have to keep her awake from like 630 to 11pm but that's OKAY. So we are doing that now. Oh, and she gets a bath every night now. It seems to relax her and get her ready for bed. Not that she needs a routine, but she enjoys it and I love a good smelling baby. I also seem to like it because of the cloth diapers. I wipe her really well when I change her diaper, but it makes me feel better that she gets a nice soak at night. I always lather her way up with that soothing bedtime lotion and you can see her get drunk with that feeling of sleep. Then we all go lay down, nurse, and fall asleep. It really is a lovely routine. And I love to see her so happy in the tub. The only part she doesn't like is that first moment when you get out. Erich and I always run the hairdryer in the bathroom when we take baths so that we have extra warmth. So we've been putting her towel a bit in front of the hairdryer so that it is nice and toasty, and I can pick her up and put her in a warm towel in her Daddy's arms. It's probably an awesome feeling! And with Erich leaving in the mornings to go to school at 8am then to work directly afterwards and not coming home until 9 or 10pm, it is really nice to have that half hour of family time before bed. :) Okay ER is coming on soon, Erich will be home soon, and I got "clearance" at the OB's office. It's going to be a good night... ;)

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