Wednesday, March 31, 2004

10 weeks

Like Andrea, I always have a list running of things to blog about, yet never seem to get here and then when I do, I'm just to tired and don't know where to start. Anywho. Magdalena is 10 weeks old today! Wow. Where does the time go? She is doing great. She smiles constantly and nurses like a champ. She is in love with her Dolly and likes to sit and talk to us for what seems like hours! (Usually about 20 minutes at a time.) Since Saturday night, she has been sleeping 8 hours straight. While this is sorta exciting, it means my baby is growing up. And it also means that since she is sleeping so long, she is nursing ALL DAY LONG. It doesn't bode well for my house. And "my girls" aren't sure if they like it either since I wake up looking like Dolly Parton with implants. Little Miss Diva still wears 0-3 month clothes and we just bought her an Easter dress. I'm glad I waited on that. I figured that by Easter she would be in 3-6 months and almost bought her one. The Easter dress we bought is 0-3 months and it sorta looks really big on her. She really is a tiny girl. And a happy girl at that, though she is very very hooked to her Mommy, which is okay with me. ;)

Other than that, nothing much going on around here. Just boring, hum drum, SAHM mom stuff. Erich says my blog is boring, but I feel like I have nothing to talk about. I guess I'll just ask ya'll another question.

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