Friday, April 02, 2004


I have a migraine. I'm in the early stages, but just the "tap tap tap" of the keyboard is killing me. And it started very suddenly which completely sucks. I had wanted to go to Sears and look at clothes dryers. I have a feeling ours will be dying very shortly. My dad bought it when he was alive and he will be dead 12 years in May. So yeah, it's coming up on the end of its lifespan. Thank goodness we don't need a washer. That would be an awful expense (though I would really love a front loader with a second rinse for my dipes.) Erich says we can buy one when we need it. What fun is that? Our kids will be out of diapers if it lasts the "15-20 year" lifespan predicted on washers and dryers. Maybe if I just try to sell the one we have (its sorta new, you can still buy it in the stores) then I could dish out the few extra hundred difference to buy a front loader. Anywho. I'm hoping I still may be able to make it to Sears. (I'm going to figure out what I want then come home and do research and find out if anyone has it cheaper so I can take advantage of the price matching.) I can't leave yet though, cause the cable guy is coming to install digital. Yes yes yes, I know that I complain that things are tight, but really in my defense, it was cheaper to get digital. When you subscribe to digital they knock $10 off the price of broadband, so it worked out to our advantage. ( I asked the lady if they were just trying to get everyone to switch to digital and she said, "yeah well kinda sorta.") They did give us three free coupons to buy pay per view movies with. And the price of a pay per view is the same price in the video store. Go figure.

On top of the migraine, I think I have a small case of mastitis. I do believe I'm running a fever too, but I don't want to check. I contribute this to Magdalena sleeping 9hours last night. I wish that girl would start waking up so I could feed her in the middle of the night. I know that sounds stupid, but my boob hurts and dangit, I spend a majority of my day feeding her (more than I used to) and I just don't feel like things are getting done. I love her to life, and I don't mind feeding her, but my house doesn't run well when I am on the couch all day. :) So I'm going to take some tylenol and wallow in self pity that I have a migraine until I break down and call someone and see which heavy duty drugs I can take while breastfeeding. I'm also going to try putting a hot washcloth and that breast when she eats again and see if that helps push everything out. **fingers crossed** Okay I should probably eat something. Any ideas on curing mastitis?

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