Friday, April 02, 2004


After constant nursing and a bottle of tylenol (yes I'm being sarcastic), my migraine has subsided into a tiny pain in my ass and my boob feels tons better. It reached sixty degrees here today but I was unable to take a walk because I was waiting for the cable guy. When he did arrive at 2:30 (and as luck would have it, right as I was about to whip out a boob for another feeding), it took him two and a half hours to do the installation. Why you ask? He said that all the wiring had to be updated. They make him do that before they install anything. The dude had to rewire the whole cable connection stuff. He said that the splitter (?) in the basement was from the eighties. I told him that the last time someone did that stuff was probably before or at the time my parents bought this house. (we bought this house from my mom) My dad will be dead 12 years next month so you know it's been forever ago. He said he was simply amazed that our cable modem even worked. He was all giddy, and took the splitter to show his boss. He left saying, "my boss will never believe this!" Glad I could make your afternoon of hell enjoyable cable guy!

With everyone complaining of rain and then hoping for May flowers I had to mention that we will have 400 bulbs coming up soon. Yes you read that right. 400. My MIL and FIL have a landscaping business and came up on good deal on bulbs last year. They ended up with something like 17,000 bulbs and were going around planting like crazy (they bought them really late in the year). They planted the bulbs at our house when I made Thanksgiving dinner. And I believe they were still throwing some in the ground a few weeks back in hopes that they would still make it. I can't help but two things. (A) All of those flowers will be very beautiful and (B) our neighbors are going to think we are absolute freaks. Can you imagine all of those bulbs coming up? It will be interesting and of course I'll post pictures. Also, I'd like to know who is going to come dig up some of the damn things when they begin to mulitply. But that is a different rant, different post. I'm going to go lay down. Have an AWESOME weekend.

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