Monday, November 15, 2004

Monkey Girl

An Update on Ella: Ella is doing well in her new home. I had many many dreams last night revolving around her being cold. Mom said they tried to put her in the garage, but she kept scratching the door so they let her back out. She said that Ella ran around and barked and barked all night long. My stepdad said he wanted a watch dog, believe me she will bark at anything and everything. Mom isn't sure where she slept last night or if she did sleep but she appeared this morning when they called her. Mom put some food out, but Ella hadn't eaten it when I talked to her this morning. That's very typical for her though. She said that Ella is napping on the deck in the sunlight. I'm sending her big fluffy dog pillow bed back with my Mom tonight along with a few of her toys. Mom said that as it gets colder they will try to get her used to sleeping in the garage.

Just so you don't think this is becoming an Ella blog, Magdalena is up to some crazy tricks lately. She's pushing lots of stuff around and walking behind it, including her gobble up hippo. She figured out how to climb off of the bed last week and sometime over the weekend she got the knack of climbing upstairs. She has been trying for about 2 weeks, but finally mastered it. It looks like teeth numbers 7 and 8 will be stepping up to the plate pretty soon. She's super super super clingy lately too. Everybody tells me that I've spoiled her because she only wants me. That drives me INSANE.

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