Sunday, November 14, 2004

She's Gone

We took Ella to my parents house. Originally they were going to take her, but I didn't want her to have to ride the hour drive in the back of the truck. I also wanted a better way to say so long, so Erich agreed. We got there and walked her to the back tree line where there is already a dog house. Then I let her off the leash. She was so happy just to run and run and run. After about thirty minutes she came back to the house. She stayed on the back deck as we played Monopoly inside in the dining room (which faces the deck.) When we were getting ready to leave she came right up to the car and was ready to get in. :( My stepdad held her collar as we drove off. We could see her struggling to get away and come to us. I miss her already. I'm worried that she'll be cold tonight since she'll have to stay outside. She's never spent the night outside before. It's really quiet here right now. I know she'll be happy, but it doesn't make it any easier. She has loved me unconditionally and always knew how to cheer me up when we had those really rough days before Magdalena was born. She always rested her head on my big pregnant belly, adn looked so surprised by the thump thump thump that eventually came. I've given up part of my family. It's really an awful feeling. I wish there was a way to keep her, but there isn't. Not unless we move to a farm. That won't happen anytime soon. **tear**

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