Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy Dance!

I didn't mention this earlier, but Erich recently applied for a couple of jobs internally. One was in St. Louis and another that is about forty five minutes to the east of the town we live in now. Right after Christmas, he had a phone interview with a lady about the second job. He was really excited as I was because he hasn't had much feedback no matter how persistent he is. And in months of searching, this is only the second time he has even gotten an interview. The first job couldn't offer him the money that we needed to squeak by. Anyways, he just called to tell me that HR called him and he had a SECOND interview! Yay! They talked to his boss to and his boss told him that he put in "one hell of a good word for him." Yay!!! So please keep us in your thoughts. This job is two pay grades higher than where he is currently at and it's a day job! I'm so excited and I know he is too. I REALLY hope he gets this!

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