Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Round Two

Well, Mother Nature is doing it again. As if the 15 inches of snow she dropped on us Christmas Week wasn't enough, now an ice storm is blowing in. Erich and I were saying how bizarre this storm is. As little as an hour north of us, they are getting a winter storm-- lots of snow. Here an ice storm up to or exceeding an inch is what the prediction is (is it just me or doesn't" up to or exceeding" cover everything and offer no real prediction?) And an hour south of here no snow no ice just rain. Flooding rain. Last week it was in the 50s. Friday we didn't even wear coats because it reached 60 degrees and we cooked on the grill outside. Isn't Indiana lovely? And this weekend it is supposed to be back up to the fifties, sunny, with some scattered showers. Oh well. Just like the last storm, I have beef in the crockpot to make some beef noodles. Yum. That seems to be what I crave when we get stuck in the house with weather like this. Magdalena enjoys the noodles too (she currently doesn't eat meat.) So I'm going to log off and go upstairs and curl up next to my girl and nap while the ice pitter patters against our window. **yawn**

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