Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Am Weak (and apparently I Also Have Horns)

Okay, I caved. I'm 9dpo, and I took a pregnancy test. I know everybody is holding their breath right? Well exhale because not only was it not positive, it wasn't negative either. THERE WERE NO FREAKING LINES!!! It was a dud folks. Stupid test.

Anyways, so today I decided that I was going to do the grocery shopping for the month. I sat down, wrote out menus for the month, clipped coupons, and wrote a gigantic grocery list. I sorted the list for things that should come in bulk from Sams club and stuff that should come from my local evil mega supermarket. I also had some random things that needed to be returned.

So I packed up Magdalena and T (as a side note, why do I decide to do this when I have to lug 2 kids around? I have a death wish don't I?) and we left. I had to pay the utility bill and drop the phone bill in the mail, but we were soon on our way out of town. We hit up the wholesale club and exited pretty quickly. I was proud of myself for getting in and out quickly and with only the things on my list. So then I moved on to evil mart.

I took the bag of stuff to the counter to be returned and the lady starts yapping about crap. Somewhere in her babbling this conversation emerged:

Her: How old is your little one?
Me: 15 months. **thinking could you please hurry the hell up, you are taking to much time.**
Her: The price of kids these days! They are expensive. Formula itself is outrageous.
Me: Well, I never use that stuff.
Her: Oh, right. Because she's 15 months old. She can drink milk now.
Me: No, no. We never used the stuff, not even when she was a newborn.

This is apparently where I sprouted horns. The look on that her face was amazing. I had taken a picture of her, you would have all thought that she was staring at a gigantic alien. She acted like I had taken my boob out to show her! Man, I can only imagine what she would have done if she had come across me nursing Magdalena, you know a child that walks and such.

So as always, I've identified myself as a freak in today's society. What's new?

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