Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Little People

I am exhausted. I was ready for a nap about an hour after we got up this morning. It's ridiculous. I don't really think the sleep I got last night was bad though. I can tell you I had a bunch of really random oddball dreams. I can't remember one of the ones that I was thinking of this morning but it was weird.

Anyway, Magdalena is quite the little imitator these days. Anything you can do, she can do better **sings I can do anything better than you!** heh. Sorry, I broke into song. As I was saying, she loves to mimic and imitate and do things like a big girl. She recently started shampooing her hair. As soon as the water gets her hair wet, she puts those cute chubby hands up there and rubs her head. She loves to brush her teeth, though I always get to brush her teeth first. ;) She loves to help with the laundry. I've been just putting the wet clothes on the dryer and letting her push them in. I asked her to throw the fabric softener sheet into the dryer, but she tried to blow her nose with it so I don't do that anymore. heh. The other day I was taking clothes out of the dryer. I'd get a shirt and then shake it out and fold it or hang it up. So Magdalena started taking clothes out of the dryer and shaking them. It was hilarious! If only I could teach her to fold them, because after she shook them, she threw them on the floor.

She is a major Daddy's girl. She loves her Daddy. She is asleep when he gets home from work generally, but first thing in the morning after breakfast she goes looking for "Dadeeee." Erich works in the basement on the desktop computer a lot so she'll walk over to the basement stairs and holler "Dadeee!" When she sees him her face lights up and she giggles and gets completely thrilled. It's the best little face ever, and I'm sure it feels good to see that face smiling at you.

She now marches and dances and sings. Well, she's been dancing and singing for a really long time, but the marching is to cute and funny. It's so funny to see this tiny little girl running around the house. She is so short! Though, in the last two weeks or so, she's gained almost an inch in height. At her 15 month appointment she weighed 19lbs 2 oz and was 30 inches tall. She is finally outgrowing 6-9 month clothes, but only in length. She was declared perfectly healthy and way ahead of the developmental timeline which is always nice to hear. She is such a complete joy and we are so very thankful. I'll post cute pictures tomorrow. Right now, it's time for bed.

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