Monday, May 02, 2005

She's alive!

I'm sorry to say that I think I'm suffering from a bit of seasonal depression. This isn't good, since I actually have an official diagnosis of smiling depression. I haven't been on meds though since I got pregnant with Magdalena, and have felt really really really good. But all the cold weather returning and the TTC business has just gotten me into the dumps.

I'm officially in another two week hell wait. Things are going well. I actually ovulated ON MY OWN without the help of drugs or anything. Wowee. Even more amazing I ovulated on CD14, which is what normal people do. Wow. So I should know something in a week or so. I'm 8DPO, and I told Erich that we would not test until next Sunday, which is 14DPO and would mean my period should be here. And, how cool would it be to get a positive pregnancy test on Mothers Day? Not that I'm getting one, because I'm pretty darn sure I'm not pregnant, but hey it would be cool. I'm sure someone out there will be getting one on Mothers Day. Lucky person that one.

See, this is why I don't update! Why do you want to hear me whine about TTC and not getting pregnant. Wah. Grow up Suzanne.

Magdalena is really growing up. Sob. She can march in place now and has added marching into her dancing. She is practically running these days and into everything. Erich said this morning it seems as if she has doubled her efforts to get into everything. She has all of her teeth for this year sans her "fang teeth" as I like to call them. Those shouldn't come in until 18months so it will be about a month or so before they appear. :) Thank goodness, because although Magdalena has been super good about teething, molars were hell. EEk. Oh, and it's official. Magdalena has been sleeping through the night since the end of March. Another growing up milestone. Sniffle.

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