Monday, November 21, 2005

22 months ago...

I was laying in a hospital bed two hours after giving birth. I was exhausted and thrilled and totally in awe of this tiny creature they pulled from my body. She nursed all night long that night and slept on my chest and I was never more happier.

This evening, at 8:14pm I was nursing my baby to sleep and remembering that first cry she made while only her head was out. She cryed before they could even pull her out. And at 9:30 pm this evening when she woke and I nursed her back to sleep, I remembered the first time I held her and latched her on. I remembered the first time she ever nursed. If you would have told me 22 months ago that I'd still be nursing this creature, that I'd still be in complete awe, that I'd marvel at how she is such a baby and a little girl all at once, I wouldn't have believed you.

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