Friday, December 30, 2005

That's Belbo's WORLD!

Magdalena is really becoming quite cute lately. I had been worried about her speech about a month ago. Until I realized that I was looking for her to be actually talking to me like an adult, which isn't going to happen obviously. And she was saying words and such that we could understand, but we have a friend who talks constantly about her 2 year old and her have these long lengthy conversations. So I guess I was looking for that instead of toddlerese. So when I started really paying attention, I realized she is normal. ;) And I'm perfectly happy with normal.

However, in the past couple of weeks her language has started to EXPLODE! She's never been one of those toddlers to try and repeat everything you say, or to "point to your nose!" She always kinda gave me a look like "what the hell for?" So imagine my surprise when she started spitting more words out. Crazy.

I've said it before but I'll say it again, the girl loves to eat. And it's a good thing cause she is a skinny girl and if she didn't like to eat, I'm sure people would point out that I'm a Bad Mother. But I just usually let people who have skinny comments offer M something to eat, and that usually shuts them up. Heh.

Anyway, she has started being able to pick an option. So at lunch time I'll ask her "do you want to eat?" "EAT!" "Would you like ham or cheese?" (sandwich) "HMMM!" or sometimes she says "CHEEZ"

She blows kisses, and says "Ehss You!" when you sneeze. Heh. She points to my belly (which is making it's presence known by the hour) and says "baby!" and generally blows a kiss.

After naps, I'll ask her "did you sleep well? was it a good nap?" And 99% of the time she'll say "uh huh" One day I asked, " did you take your nap? " and she looked all shy and grinned at me. I asked her again if she slept and she said "nope." Stinker.

This evening I had some sewing to do and Magdalena was in that lull between needing to go to sleep and actively letting me get her to sleep. So I popped in an Elmo's World tape. She loves "Belbo" and her birthday party will be Elmo themed.

Anyway, I'm in the dining room which is open to the living room so I can see her watching intently, barking with the dogs, counting "one, dew" and so on. At the end,Elmo sings his song and I hear her loudly singing "Das Belbos WORLLLLLL" And then Elmo says "say Goodbye Dorothy!" And I hear Magdalena say "BYE!" I was seriously cracking up. She's so cute! Just ask Julee. :)

Coming up in the next posts, more about when I met Julee and my hyperemesis saga. Really what fun is following my pregnancy when it doesn't have a little drama?

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