Thursday, July 31, 2003

I think the worst part of being pregnant with the flu has to be that I am still hungry. I know that baby is feasting off of my "maternal reserves" (and I have plenty) which is why I'm losing weight so fast, but I'm still hungry. A bowl of cereal looks good, and right now spaghetti sounds delightful. I may try the spaghetti later, Dr. King said I should be feeling tons better. And I am, it's just that eating is hard on a weak stomach, ya know?

I forgot to say that we heard a much stronger (stronger=louder, obviously cause babys getting bigger!) heartbeat at the doctors office. Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh. Baby must have been asleep to stay so still! :) She says baby sounds great and is tougher than we think. I just love my doctor. She is so awesome! Okay sick or not sick, I must get laundry done. You know it's bad when Erich asks me to do laundry. I'm usually much more on top of it! :)

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