Friday, August 01, 2003

So other good news on the home front is that my wonderful husband got his review back. He got a 4 out of 5 (they never give 5 out of 5) and received a 5% raise! Thank you Lord!

The lady I regularly babysit for called me on Monday morning to ask me a question. Long story short, she is currently a SAHM. She was offered to interview for a job position with the company she worked with before kids. She would like to take the job as her husband wants to go back to school and concentrate on their "side" business of building $500, 000 houses. She says she wouldn't think of taking the job unless someone she knew and trusted could come and watch their two (fabulously adorable) babies. They instantly thought of me (and why wouldn't they! ha!) and offered to pay me what I make here at the hospital. 40 hours a week, though she would most likely only work 3 days a week after she was "settled." They offered paid vacations, coverage for maternity leave, and offered to help pay for COBRA until the baby was born. What am I, stupid? Of course I'll do it! She interviews with the job on August 14. She says there will probably be a couple of interviews and she expects to start (as long as the situation works for EVERYONE) by the end of September early October. WOOT! Please keep me in your thoughts and hope that she ends up with this job. It would get me out of this hell hole AND I'd be able to continue working WITH my baby after s/he is born, which would be a definite bonus!

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