Friday, August 01, 2003

Okay so I definitely need to do a bit of catching up. It seems I only whine about how sick I've been, but I'm feeling a ton better. Morning sickness is almost definitely gone (knock on wood.) I look pregnant and feel a bit better. Since the beginning of the pregnancy I've lost 15 pounds! Wow. No wonder people keep telling me I look thinner pregnant! My arms and thighs and even belly look thinner, except for the part of my belly that my uterus is growing in to. Did that make sense? I'll post a picture sometime soon. :)

The trip was a lot of fun though we did a TON of driving. We loved being in our new car though, and it was fun to have Ella, my puppy, with us. We started off Friday by heading to Kansas City, MO to see E's aunt. She took us to a place called the Golden Ox. It was quite pricey (gotta love her for paying!) at about $25 a plate, but it sincerely was an awesome steak. Baby and I quite enjoyed the ENTIRE meal. We headed that night to see his grandma and stay there. I love Nadine to pieces, she speaks her mind and is hilarious! She is in kidney failure and goes to dialysis three times a week, and I was glad to visit with her since she hasn't been well lately.

Saturday we took Nadine for a ride in the car. She doesn't really get out much, just to go to and from dialysis, so she loved it. She showed us her properties. Her husband and her were quite successful and she owns quite a bit of land IMHO. Erich and I have many times discussed how the land will be divided out and such. Obviously Nadine is in this for the long haul, and though quite sick, doesn't show signs of giving up any time soon. And we obviously don't want her to die it's just one of those things that are always in the back of your mind. Anyways, the land would go to his parents and aunt first (we think.) There is some talk of it going straight to us (the grandkids) but who knows! We did go to Sonic that day. I had been craving it but the closest Sonic to Nadines house was a half an hour away, so we had decided (in our telepathic communication) that we wouldn't go and I could just wait till one came along the way, but Nadine piped up that she wanted a cherry limeade (hahaha) so we had to go.

After Sonic, we dropped Nadine off, said our goodbyes and headed to the other Grandmas in Dixon, MO. We were there way before dinner which generally sucks because it is just as boring there as it is here at work. Dinner was fabulous though, I'm not sure if it was just because baby and myself were so hungry or that it actually was good. We had pot roast, baked potatoes, sweet carrots, and green beans from the garden. Not to forget the homeade dinner rolls and three different kinds of pies! We spent that night looking at family trees and discussing girls names. I really like the name Madeline which comes from Magdelana of the bible. There are at least 2 Magdelenas in the family line, so I could win that debate over Madeline, though Magdelena is growing on me now since it has a Spanish flair to it also. Though we are pretty sure in our guts that this is a boy, but we could be wrong! We'll find out in September at 20 weeks!

We left Grandma on Sunday early AM. We ate lunch at Lamberts Cafe : Home of the Throwed Rolls We had a 45 minute wait at 1130am but it was worth it. All you can eat everything. And of course there were throwed rolls from across the room, the first one hit me smack dab in the forehead, priceless huh?

We left Lamberts throughly stuffed and headed to Nashville, TN and checked in to our hotel. We wandered around Nashville and visited the Grand Ole Opry much to my delight. It was big and beautiful and I swore I'd be back to sing there someday, ha!

Monday we left for my Nanas house. She lives on a lake in Sharps Chapel, TN. The lake is Norris Lake. The lake is truly beautiful and a sparkling emerald green. We had time for a boat ride before an evil storm came in and took away our fantasy's of swimming. Ella seemed to enjoy the boat ride though.

That night we headed to Lexington, KY to stay in another motel. Tuesday we took our time getting home and just lazied around. My cousin Matt from CA was in town and visited with us that evening. It was great to get away from home, we just wish we had had more time!

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