Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Well, plans changed. They had me go ahead and come into the office to get a shot of nausea medicine (I refused to go back to the hospital) and told me to go home, lay down, and try eating clear liquids. So after the shot I came home and had some beef noodle soup. After I had just finished putting the bowl in the kitchen sink, my stomach cried out "oooo food, go away go away" and the soup listened. At least it was something light and not substantial. I hate puking. My mom is on her way down to go with me to the doctors office at 3. I'm hungry again, I may try eating some more soup in like half an hour or 45 minutes. The way I figure is that even if I puke it up, I may be getting some nutrition. That baby is probably hungry! More later. Hope all of you feel wonderful.

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