Monday, August 18, 2003

Okay this is in no way to offend anyone, okay? I've never really liked cats. I think this may be partially do to the fact that when I was little, a cat layed it claws on me and left a gigantic scratch. Cat pee has a very very distinctive smell, especially when mixed with litter. I hate cats for the fact that I would have to clean the litter box, something that does not please me. With my dogs, I let them out in our fenced in yard and they do their business there. I'm not saying that my old dog doesn't have occasional accidents, but I would say 99.5% of the time we are safe. I like that I don't have to clean up after my dogs do their "business" (though my thoughtful husband does go "pick up" stuff every couple of days outside so you aren't stepping in doodoo. So anyways...

there is a lady (a volunteer) that comes in to the library every once in a while and labels the new books with the number to be shelved. I was sitting next to her (actually she sat next to me) a few minutes ago and there is a very distinctive, very very STRONG smell of cat pee/litter. I hate that. My dogs don't stink and I try very hard to make sure there isn't a "dog smell" in the house. Some dogs do have smells, and I tell you now, that if I had one they would be going to a different home.

Some people do a very very good job at avoiding the cat smell/litter issue. Was it the movie "meet the parents" where they train the cat to pee in the toilet? Anywho, if you are one of those people that avoid kitty smells then a gigantic KUDOS TO YOU! I love your cat. But to kitty smells as a whole, I have to say oooo grosss!

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