Thursday, December 11, 2003

**insert clever title**

Okay so I never mopped the floors like I wanted to. And there is a sink full of dishes at home. I'm at work, and the fact that there are things that need to be done at home is driving me bonkers. I did however get to wash a load of my laundry last night, so I now have clean underwear, which makes me extremely happy! If you knew me, you'd know that I tend to wash Erichs laundry first, mainly because he is seen in public in his clothes. I just come into work and change into scrubs, so why should I look nice? heh. So I have clean underwear. yay!

Jeromy, my friend, is doing ten million times BETTER! Thank goodness. I went and saw him twice yesterday and he was up walking around, talking to me, and laughing. He agrees that I am all belly and very cute still which makes me glad because he is back to old self. They are talking about letting him go him in a couple of days. He'll be off of work at least a month, and when they feel his body is better recovered, they are most likely going to remove his spleen. (Which will put him off even longer.) I promised to keep him company and told him he could start taking me to lunch again. heh. ;) To explain that I'm not an evil wench, we used to have lunch about twice a month. He would pay one time, I would pay the next. Well, I was always so broke that I generally convinced him that it was in fact his turn to pay... every single time. hehe. We always laugh about it now. And we almost always went to Olive Garden to get alfredo dipping sauce for our breadsticks, something we call heartattack in a bowl. :)

I still have a box to mail, emails to return, yada yada yada yada. Today is Must See TV though. Maybe I'll go home early and GET THINGS DONE! Oh and I need like oh $250 dollars to buy some baby stuff that I seem to think I need RIGHT NOW. Like the little snowsuit. And the diaper bag. I'd like to start packing my bag also with stuff everyone keeps telling me not to forget, like hairties, and tooth paste and a toothbrush. I think I may go to the dentist office and ask if I can have a toothbrush to pack in my bag. :) I'm sure they'd give me one too. Oh and I must must must remember to pack Erichs swim trunks. (So if I decide to labor in the shower or tub he can be there with me and help me stand and such.) So hey why don't you guys help me out. In the comments, leave me notes telling me things that I should remember to take or things you forgot and wish you had, yada yada yada. If you'd do that I'd love you all more then I already do.

Dangit I have to go back to work...

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