Tuesday, December 09, 2003


The laundry is started, the floors upstairs have been swept. I need to mop the master bedroom but I'll do that when I mop all the floors downstairs. I can't do that currently because I'm having ctx and it's raining outside. ( I like to put the dogs outside when I mop so they don't track.) I'm getting hungry so I should eat something. Really all I have left to do is the mopping. Oh! And I finished washing diapers so they are ready to go! I changed the password on fotolog so that Erich could post a picture from the hospital whenever she decides to arrive. :) Now I just have to create a user account on my blog for Erich so he can post "progress and news" from the hospital. I'm feeling ready for this baby. I am missing a few things. I'd like some liners for the diapers. I need the boppy. And I need to buy a snowsuit, but I'll buy that this weekend. The u/s is on Monday so maybe I'll just do it on Monday after the u/s. I am hoping my mom would want to shop after the u/s and buy us some things. :) I can wish, right? Erich is done with school, his finals are on Friday, so he gets to come to the u/s! I'm excited and I think he is too. The last u/s he saw (besides the taped one at 20 weeks) was at 7 weeks! So I'm pretty sure he'll think it's cool. Just about 7 weeks left. yay!

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