Sunday, May 30, 2004


Wow, what a week. Erich has been home the entire week so it has really thrown off my perception of time. Lets see, what did I do this week?

Well, one day this week I went out to see Alicia and my cousin Teresa. I picked up the pictures that we had done with the triplets (which are pretty darn awesome!). We all spent some lovely time together at which point Alicia and I headed off to our favorite destination-- Walmart. (We don't really enjoy Walmart, it just seems that we always go there! It is easier ((sometimes)) because we can divide and conquer.) Anyways, after we went to Walmart we went back to her house where she waxed my manbrows eyebrows. Ouch! But as Alicia said, I look more like a girl now. Gee thanks. :)

Erich spent a ton of time with Magdalena this week. She is responding much better to him too. He has also been working on his online classes a lot and has discovered the joys of a four and half month old at the keyboard. This child wants. to. type. I came in here one time to find him watching a lecture while notepad was open and she was typing up a storm! (and loving it! She has a giant smile on her face!) Another time I heard a lecture going with this odd lullaby type music going on. I came in to find him showing her snippets of Baby Einstein videos while watching his lecture. Too cute!

Another really great thing happened this week. Erich and I have been skimming by the seat of our pants financially since the loss of a second income. My other cousin called to tell me she was sick of her babysitter who does nothing and was wondering if I'd watch her daughter, T. So I jumped on the opportunity and it is going to be great. That extra few hundred dollars a month will be a tremendous help! She'll be going to preschool in the fall, but I have plans for us to work on writing her name. We're also going to take walks to the park and library and hopefully join the summer reading program at the library. I need to check on the storytimes for both girls too. They offer a Lorax storytime and a Tiny Tots (ages 6mo to 24mo). We also have a tiny pool (actually it's pretty freaking big) on the deck so both girls can play in that. If I'm even luckier we might do some lessons in dusting, sweeping, and washing diapers. Ha! Just kidding. I expect we'll keep busy and hopefully provide more entertaining blog entries!

Erichs parents went to Missouri Friday and brought back his paternal grandparents. They have yet to meet Magdalena, so they are coming tomorrow for lunch. We're having butterfly cut porkchops, peas, mac n cheese, homeade dinner rolls, and baked potatoes. Cinnamon steusel and coffee for desert. I've been busy trying to put our house back together because flylady flew right out of my window when I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant and she hasn't shown back up again. Maybe with the new babysitting and having to get up earlier and take less naps **sniff** I'll achieve more around the house. :)

Okay, more diapers call my name and we're going to walk to the video store to get a video and procrastinate from cleaning take a break from cleaning.

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