Thursday, June 03, 2004

Long Day

Yesterday was a good day, but very long. When T got here she chalked on the sidewalk and watched some cartoons while I made breakfast. After breakfast, she played with her tea set while Erich backed up the Commodore that he sold on eBay. We all left and went to the post office to have it weighed then went to the big park and the library. I checked out some books for her and the Lion King 1/2. When we got back, Alicia and her kids arrived and they all played. Alicia and I made a very kid lunch, hamburgers, baked beans, Mac n cheese, and some cookies. After lunch they went outside and played with sidewalk chalk some more. They were getting a bit restless to run, so we took them to the playground behind a school about two blocks away and let them run wild for about 45 minutes. This was a great idea and I imagine I'll be doing that almost daily. I need to remember a blanket or the sling though to nurse Magdalena. I took her in the stroller so she would have a place to sleep and I'd have a place to set her if I had to go rescue someone. There were other kids on the playground with some older ladies watching them and I felt uncomfortable without a blanket.

T instantly fell asleep when she layed down for her nap. After she left I watched "Under the Tuscan Sun" which I borrowed from the library. I cleaned up a bit and Magdalena and I were in bed at 9pm last night. I just got up about half an hour ago and Gracy has gone out to pee and is eating on the deck. Ella is asleep upstairs under the bed and Erich and Magdalena are still sleeping too. I've taken a shower (yay an accomplishment) and now just waiting for T to get her today. I'm starving.

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