Friday, June 04, 2004

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I'm having the hardest time making up titles. Anywho. The week is over! Yay! I woke up at 5am this morning. Damn, that is early. Luckily, T wasn't all the way awake and we just laid her on the couch and she went back to sleep. So I went back and snuggled into bed next to my wonderful family. Erich woke up before me and took care of T while I slept a bit longer. (Taking care of her was basically giving her a couple of stickers and turning on cartoons, but hey beggars can't be choosers.) We had a late breakfast at 8:30 and then headed off to a meeting of The Milk League. It was a nice meeting and T was able to play with other kids which I think is important for her. Since her old babysitter had a ton of kids there, I don't want her to get lonely here without any other kids her age. One of the other Mommies brought a "Mommy's helper" (a teenager) and that girl was sent straight from the heavens! She kept all of the older kids entertained and it didn't get loud or anything like last time. We were able to talk continuously for about an hour and a half. Although it wasn't about the topic this time, Bringing Home Baby, it was super excellent and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I think I am starting to connect with another lady too and we are getting along nicely. Beautiful. :)

We came home and I made lunch and then struggled to get T to take a nap. I appreciate that this four year old takes a nap. Believe me. Except that her nap and Magdalena's "schedule" are colliding. I've never set a schedule for Magdalena, she has sorta created her own and I just follow her flow. T needs me to lay down with her to fall asleep since she is used to laying down with other kids. I could lay down and nurse Magdalena with her but I'm not comfortable nursing her laying in bed with T. I'm not quite sure why. T is having trouble with the concept of breastfeeding. The LLL library wasn't there today, so I wasn't able to get any books for her that I know are in there. Her mom is going to talk to her tonight.

When T did fall asleep (around 2:30) she actually slept until 5:30! I went upstairs to make sure she was alive. She must have been really tired, cause she usually only lays down for 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. During that period of time I worked on dishes and picked up the living room. I also went through some totes and produced two full totes for Erich to sell in his Garage sale tomorrow. (We don't have a garage so does that make it more of a Rummage sale?) Anyways, I'm hoping that will make him a happy boy.

In other news, Magdalena has almost mastered that whole sitting thing. She only stays for about three minutes, but it is with her hands on her knees and looking up. I'm so proud of her! She loves to stand too. She isn't a fan of being on the floor and I wouldn't be surprised if she skipped the whole crawling phase and went straight for walking. :)

Okay I should go shine my sink. I also want to call Alicia since it is after 9 now. :)

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