Thursday, October 28, 2004

I Feel Pretty...

well, actually I feel special. I was just going through my sitemeter referrals and seeing how Blogexplosion has really upped my traffic and noticed that I had a referral from Cootiehog.com. Anyways, Cootiehog has added me to her own special list of blogexplosion blogs she likes which makes me feel very special. :)

Oh, and I'm stuck in my computer chair. Magdalena is trying to figure out how to move between objects while standing up. She actually trying to take steps and her feet just ain't doin what she wants them to do. So I'm stuck in my chair because somehow she got to me and is holding on to the back and if I move she'll fall and I'll be named "Bad Mommy of the Year." This girl is going to walk soon isn't she? **sniff**

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