Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What A Difference A Day Makes

Wow. There's a lot going on around here. Yesterday started out really crappy. I can't think of a poetic way to say it and really crappy seems to fit. It started with T. We got up and I started getting her ready for school. I sent her in to the batheroom to "potty and brush your teeth." While she was brushing her teeth, she says, "Suzanne, I need to go to the bathroom." So I say," well then go." "I already did in my pants." **insert internal rage here** I asked her why she didn't go sooner if she had to go so bad. Her response was, " I didn't realize I had to go until it was running down my leg." So I started my day with a floor full of pee. Joy.

Then the furnace guy came to clean the furnace. You see where this is going, right? So he's down there with his little vacuum sucking all the crap out that sits in your furnace and I'm upstairs dreaming about how nice it's going to be when it's all warm and toasty in here. After all, I've waited this long to turn on the furnace, I deserve it right? So the guy finishes up and come to tell us that he found a "slight" problem. There is a leak on the valve where you turn the gas on and he may have to tag it and SHUT OFF THE GAS! **insert panic here** Our dryer, washer, water heater... all of that is gas powered. So he comes back after speaking to his boss. They agree that it is a relatively minor leak and that it won't hurt to leave it on for a while. Erich and I made sure we wouldn't "blow up or anything." He comes in after being on the phone for probably 20 minutes and says it's going to cost something like $400 to replace the valve. On our 20-25 year old furnace, that's a lot since it's only probably worth that much. Hrmph. So they sent a guy over to give us an estimate on a new one. I called two other places and one sent a guy over last night and another is coming this morning at 10. The heat is on and it feels delicious but I can't keep it this way. I'm scared to death with the babies in here. So it's going to be like $2500 and that sucks. But it comes with a 5 year warranty (the guy last night offered a 10 year warranty) and we are looking at the 90% efficient which will save us money since ours is probably 55% to 60% efficient. It comes with being a homeowner right? I am glad that I went ahead and had the guys come out and clean it and find this leak so that we didn't go the entire season with this leak and not know about it until something really bad happened.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be working with the old folks five days a week. Joy. The money is going to be fantastic but it's going to be exhausting. So today, we're just lounging around the house enjoying our free time.

Magdalena has gotten really good at standing up, cruising, and recently she's learned how to sit herself back down. Every Mom knows that that is a good thing because there is nothing worse than a baby that is standing and screaming for someone to help her back down. She's also started trying to transfer herself between things like the table and couch. Occasionally she trys to stand up in the middle of the room. Oh, and remember how I said she was crawling on all fours 75% of the time? Right after that she started doing it full time. :)

That's all for now, but wasn't it enough?

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