Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It Gets Better Right?

I'm sick of being a grownup. So, today Erich left for work at 11am. He had a job interview via phone at 10:30am. I'm trying not to get my hopes up that this may be the job for him. Anyways, I warmed up some chili for him, we chatted about furnaces and he headed out the door at 11am. I started frying up some potatoes (buy one 10lb bag, get one free at Marsh this week. Needless to say, we're going to eat a lot of potatoes soon). Anyways at 11:34am Erich called to tell me that he has a flat tire, he's in the process of changing it, but wants me to come to him and switch cars. Urgh. **this is where you insert a mumble with a bit of profanity about how no one ever lets me eat a meal in peace I know I know it wasn't his fault but still** So I pack up the girls and head out.

The thing is that the Saturn (which he drives) needs 4 new tires. We've been putting that off for a few weeks. It also needs a muffler, I can hear the boy coming 2 blocks away. Anyways, with a flat tire that had two holes and is bald, it seemed pretty pointless to just put plugs in. And when buying a new tire, since they're sorta bald, I can't just buy one I have to buy two. Then I have to consider that last time we only bought 2 and the one with the flat was one of the newer ones and we'd talked about how we didn't want to be constantly buying 2 new tires. So basically all this babble boils down to that I had to drop $192 for 4 new tires at Sams Club.

Is it ever going to end? $200 for tires, $3000 for a furnace, a little here a little there and I feel like I'm suffocating. And I'm TTC? Am I nuts? Being a grownup bites.

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