Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Must Haves and Have Nots

Being poor really makes you want to shop, ya know?

I'd really like this Olive Green Maya Wrap.

I'd like these Pink Dragonfly Robeez in size 6-12 months for when Magdalena outgrows her little kitty ones. (Currently she is wearing 0-6 month. I'm not lying when I say my child is tiny.)

And I'd really like the collection of Dr. Sears Parenting Books, but really The Baby Book to begin with. **sigh** I keep checking it out of the library, but sometimes I'd like it for reference ya know?

Completely off topic here, I just finished the book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" and I REALLY liked it. I think I may venture to Half Price Books and see if they have a copy I can give to my mom for Christmas. I think she'd really enjoy it. And maybe my Dad is waiting for me his own heaven, waiting to talk to me about how he was supposed to die young and how it changed me forever for the good. I guess I'll never know huh? (I'm a firm believer that it is pointless to buy new books when there are plenty of used books needing loved.)

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