Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Crappety crap. I just lost a post due to my own stupidity. Anyways I didn't finish the earlier post like I was supposed to so here goes. Last night on my way home from work I was weirded out by getting motion sickness while I was driving! This was later fended away though by a weird craving for Scholtzkys Deli, which still lingers. The closest one to my house is about 15 minutes north, but a quick search a few minutes ago showed that there is one about 6 minutes from work! Woot! Now I should probably call Erich and see if I can get a sandwich using my Paypal Debit/CC which we earn money from everytime we use it. Anywho, met with the agent from Erie Insurance this morning. I told him that I had done some research on the company (cause he asked, since I wasn't familiar with it) and also mentioned that I had also asked my stepfather about it since he sells insurance too. (He just joined farm bureau and is in training, but afterwards he says that he is going to take care of us and even give an discount that comes directly out of his commission, isn't he sweet?) My stepfather said that Erie has a reputation for being a "one claim and you're out" kind of company. The agent denied it (as my stepdad and I both agreed he would) and said he had several customers who had filed claims and not been dropped. Heh. Anyhow, I rattled his feathers kinda like I had intended to just to see how he handled the situation. IMHO he handled it well, though I could still tell it sorta perturbed him.

I'm at work. It hasn't been so bad today. She had me print off the entire alphabet off of this site for a doctor who says that he does indeed have logolepsy: an obsession with words. It was close to 700 pages and it took up most of the morning. I ate a big lunch of stuffed shells and cantaloupe and strawberries. It made me feel great. I've also been munching continuously throughout the day which has also helped my stomach! This afternoon I created a resume for a lady using Resume Deluxe. If only I could somehow make some money doing resumes for people and typing papers/documents/etc. How would I even go about that though?

I've also been working on my FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) status. It's basically to cover my butt for the absences when I was in the hospital and for future days when I just don't feel like coming into work. Hmph. I will be quitting though before I should require Maternity Leave. I'm not coming back to this hellhole. It just isn't cost effective for us to pay for daycare and gas for me to come to work for eight hours a day just to make like $50 in the end. Thank you very much I'll stay home with my baby. (Unless I get that job as a nanny I talked about a few days ago! Cross your fingers!) Well that's all for now...

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