Thursday, August 07, 2003

So this is how it is. Last night went 6 minutes in the opposite direction of home for a beautiful, glorious Schlotzskys Deli sandwich. It was absolutely divine I tell you. I worked on Rachels blanket and only have about 30 minutes left of work on it. Woot. It is a good thing too, cause that baby is coming soon! (right Rachel?) :)

I hate work, but ya know what's new?

I currently have what is turning in to one of my "bad" migraines. Now when I tell you I have a bad migraine it is the kind where you can hardly move, it hurts to breath, can hardly see, and will only be tamed by ER care. Yuck. So I called the OB to see what she has to say (it has yet to progress to this point, but I know the pattern and routine and it is headed right for the ER, which I've had enough of in this pregnancy.) She said to go see my PCP. PCP is not currently in, but they'll squeeze me in with an associate. Whatever just get me a nice pregnancy class A or B drug that won't cross the barrier of the placenta but will offer some much needed relieft. Gross. I've been lucky since I stopped my migraine prevention meds when I got pregnant--since they were a pregnancy class D, Yipes! , that I've only had a couple of migraines that I have been able to ward off with tylenol a bit of nausea meds and rest. This one isn't going to be like that though. While I'm at the "regular" doctor, do you think he'll have a doppler of some sort to listen to baby? That would be awesome...

Hopefully the plan is that after the doctors appt I'll have beautiful drugs that will take away this hideous beast so that I will be able to go see "American Wedding" with Erich and his best friend Derek, along with Ben and possibly Ryan (all friends of Erich). Ha! Can you see the picture of 4 guys walking into a theatre with an obviously pregnant woman to see American Pie. Cracks me up! :)

In other news, I'll be 15 weeks pregnant. A few months ago, if you remember, I never thought that I would be able to concieve because of my PCOS. I was depressed and down in the dumps and feeling like a failure as a woman and here I am 15 weeks pregnant! I know I know, compared to Rachel who is 39 weeks pregnant I'm not that pregnant but I am starting to look pregnant (and thin!). I'm starting to feel bubbles in my tummy which I believe is probably baby. Wowee. I went up to my department today and they all said that I look fabulous! Everyone wanted to rub my "buddha" belly and were saying how thin I look! Wow. Who'd have thought people would say how thin I was in pregnancy!

My bestest friend Phoebe came to see me for lunch here at work on Tuesday! She was amazed that I've lost about 20 pounds and still have a grown belly! :) It is weird. Theoretically with the weight I have lost, by the end of my pregnancy I should be back at my prepregancy weight. ha! Hopefully with my newly trimmer figure (I look thinner everywhere else except my tummy and a little extra boobage) and with breastfeeding, it will be much easier to lose weight. Man I hope so.

Okay I've rambled enough to pass the time so I can go to the doctor to get drugs. Thank goodness. I feel awful. Bah humbug.

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