Thursday, August 07, 2003

Okay so I feel that "narcotic" effect of the vicodin they gave me so I better make this quick before I pass out right here at the keyboard. Went to the doctor and waited in the waiting room about 5 minutes, but waited 20 minutes in the exam room! Sheesh. So I puked in their biohazard bag twice. No I did not do it on purpose, but in my defense you leave a pregnant woman, who just wants some safe for her baby drugs to get rid of the gigantic headache, in a room with florescent lights. She's already told you that she is sick to her stomach and that she probably eat something again soon before she does that "I'm pregnant and haven't eaten" puking. The phenegran is left in her house and not in her purse. Feh. So they should have known. They should feel lucky that I am an experienced pregnant puker and made it to the trash bag, the biohazard one at that, and didn't make a mess. I even pulled the bag out for them, tied it up, and put a new bag in for them. Ha! Years of nursing home aide work makes me not care. They didn't know I puked (unless they heard me hacking) until I stepped out the door, one glove on my hand holding the biohazard bag and said, "um excuse me, where can I throw this away?" heh. At any rate he gave me vicodin informing me it was pregnancy category B after I conveyed my knowledge of the whole pregnancy drug system and sent me on my way. Thank you very much. I came home, filled the prescription, took that and a phenegran and ate take out spaghetti from my favorite local pizza place the Pizza Shack. I feel much better tummy wise and plan to go sleep away this migraine. (and be up in time to go to the movie tonight, I need a good laugh)

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