Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I guess I have neglected to write about the "great insurance stink" which I have to come to refer to it. So here goes. Remember back in February when that awful lady hit the truck while we were in the house ? Well, we filed an uninsured motorist claim with Geico, our insurance carrier at the time, to pay for the damage. Because that is why we have insurance, right? To cover accidents. Anyways. We were unhappy, both coming from smaller towns, to have to deal with a big giant like Geico. Never did we speak to the same person on the phone, each time we would have to explain the entire situation over and rattle off numerous numbers, dates, times, places, etc. The insurance carriers I had had "growing up" never put me through this. They knew me by name and if something happened they took care of it. I hardly ever had to follow up because they called me before I could call them. Anyways. We weren't terribly thrilled with Geico. So in May we closed on our house and purchased home insurance through Sentry. We were then told, as most are, that if we moved our car insurance to Sentry that it would be cheaper for both home and auto. So we did with the fact that it was cheaper and that we would have an agent who, in theory, would be more readily available to help us! woot! So we switch over, then trade in the truck for the Vibe. When I call to switch over the vehicle I want to know the difference in insuring the vehicles, as most would, right? Well, the agent promises me he will call back, does he, nope. When we ask him what form of contact is better, phone or email, he says cell phone and email. So Erich and I start this wild soap opera of emailing and phoning this guy. To make a long story short, the dude pissed me off by not returning phone calls or emails and lying to me directly on one of the few occasions I was able to reach him. I'm mad and ready to switch (even though it is tons of hassle) but we agree to talk to his manager and see if another agent is a better "fit". So we go on vacation and leave our great insurance stink soap opera behind. We come home, for me to find a letter from Sentry saying they are dropping us as of 08/07/03 because of the accident in February. You remember, right? The one in which it was not our fault and WE WEREN'T EVEN IN THE CAR? I mean, this is why I dutifully right those check for large sums of money every six months, right? To leave worries behind, have peace of mind that if some idiot hits me I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE! Anyways I'm mad so I call my lovely agent, does he call me back? NO! It is now a week and half since I left the message for him to call me IMMEDIATELY. Urgh. So E and hop into a very speeded up process of finding insurance to cover our a** before 08/07 (Thursday). I have since found Erie Insurance. The agent I speak with is very cordial to me (doesn't mind if he speaks to me instead of Erich. Sentry agent treated me like I was the **wife** and would rather speak to Erich.) He returns my phone calls, generally within the hour and quoted us at a price of $400 less than Sentry, $600 less than Geico. Sign me up! I meet with him in the morning to give him a check and sign the application and I couldn't be more than thrilled! Also we are checking into home insurance through Erie and through State Farm. I'm done with Sentry. And I'm going to write a nice long complaint letter with my large quantities of time here in the library to the Sentry guy's manager, corporate office, and better business bureau of Indianapolis. I'm one ticked off pregnant woman, let me tell you!

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