Friday, September 26, 2003

Can I go home now?

Today, I have the meeting with the dietician. I get to leave work at 11am. It's about 10:10 now. Urgh. I hate killing time like this. Nothing to do.

When I leave, I'm going to call my mom and see if she wants to come in before she goes to work so we can go to the mall to look at maternity stuff. I have an abundance of stuff thanks to very generous people, but what I am lacking in the most are casual stuff. I only have one pair of maternity jeans. I would like at least one more pair and maybe a pair of corduroy khakis/khaki pants (obviously beggars can't be choosers). It's cold now and I need more casual stuff. I don't want to wear the dressup stuff all of the time, I NEED comfort. :) My mom said "well you can dig out your winter stuff now" HELLO! Last winter I didn't have this bulging belly! The sweaters will probably fit and my sorority sweatshirts will fit too. (I always bought those REALLY big) **sigh** It seems wasteful to buy clothes that will only be worn for four months, but really, what am I supposed to do?

It was 45 degrees this morning when I left for work. Highs today in the 60s. I love this weather. :) It's supposed to get down to 38 degrees sometime this weekend. Brrr. Okay I'm going to keep surfing and praying that time passes quicker.

Oh and by the way, I'm feeling better with my new eating lifestyles. I'm keeping my blood sugars up and I feel good. Only thing is I'm hungry a lot so I'm going to have to talk to the dietician about how to fill up my belly without sending me into a carbohydrate coma.

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