Sunday, September 21, 2003

Isn't that cute?

Everyone is asleep. My grandpa is asleep in the chair, Erich is passed out on the couch, Ella is laying in "her" chair, and Gracy is asleep by the door. Too cute. I'm still busy though. Cleaned the upstairs and cleaned all of the carpets upstairs. Made spaghetti for my grandparents. Just made two batches of brownies and there is jello setting in the freezer. I have more dishes to do and some more laundry. I'd also like to clean up all of the dirt and mop the floors down here (swept and vaccuumed last night) that Papa and Erich walked in. They built Erich a shed outside. I clipped the coupons and need to file them in my little thing. And then I think I might take a shower and lay down and take a nap myself. The dogs both need baths since they played in the dirt with Papa and Erich. So I'll probably do that then take my own shower (to clean up the bathtub heh) and lay down.

I also cleaned out the pantry giving a lot of stuff to my grandma. Stuff that was left from my mom or was given to us that I just know we won't eat. I'm trying to clean stuff up. I'm sick of it all. :) Back to my hum-drum life.

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