Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Pokey the Pincushion!

Well, I saw the diabetic nurse this morning. Ouch. She wants me to test my sugars 7 times a day! Wowee. I see the doctor again in two weeks and she'll probably let me stop testing so often. I DO NOT have diabetes, I have hypoglycemia. I'm on a diet now and was told (once again) that I don't eat enough. Bah. So now I have regularly scheduled snacks.

The guy is here servicing the heater (so Erich won't blow up when he turns it on, heh.) And then I'm going to have my snack and lay down. I'm a tired girl. Thus far I've already poked myself three times, the third time I couldn't get the finger to stop bleeding. It doesn't really hurt, but I'm starting to see tiny bruises. **sigh**

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